Digital Infusion

What is a Digital Infusion?

As the name suggests, we’re taking one central idea and spreading it across your digital space.

Why take this approach?
By using a cohesive message across multiple online platforms we’re using the power of repetition to build brand awareness, we’re amplifying your messaging by focusing on one idea at a time and lastly (but definitely not in the least) we’re using this method of Digital Infusion to generate brand authority.

What is included?
  • 30-minute Introductory CallWhere we’ll discuss more about your brand values, the overarching theme (topic) for your website article which will in turn link with your social content.
  • 1x Article for your website
    800 – 1500 words- sorry I don’t do word stuffing. Sometimes less is more, other times a thorough breakdown is needed.
  • 1x LinkedIn article
    This article will use your website article as the starting point and will then be adjusted for the platform
  • 1x Social story
    This can be used to promote website visits with a direct link to the article
  • 1x Social post
    Platform of your choice

    Package includes copy & visuals