Brand Brainstorm

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Who is this for?

This package is for companies or brands who want to be able to handle their social channels themselves but need help getting started and ensuring their content is on brand.

Bonus: This can always be used by anyone who is in charge of your socials to ensure that whatever is going out is always consistent.

Yup- ever notice how all of a sudden a page you followed is starting to act a bit different?
They probably have a new person in charge of their social channels.
This can easily cause someone to get confused by a brand and reduce its dependability-

so why not invest in consistency?

What is included?
  • 30-minute introductory session
  • Brand pillars, keywords, call-to-action phrases
  • Content Moodboard
  • Social Setup on the platform of your choice (excludes website)
  • Social Cheat Sheet of the chosen platform
  • Guidance for navigating other platforms
  • Extra Add-on Options:
    Content templates for the chosen platform
    Completed Content calendar