Copywriting in a world full of content

Writing copy in a world full of content can seem daunting at times. Especially in a year such as this one where everything seems uncertain and not a single person is quite sure of what the future holds.

This year has been filled with small victories, minor setbacks, confusion and of course a lot of down time. This down time turned into a call for creativity in my otherwise busy life. Apart from baking a banana bread every third day and reading a book or two I had time to focus on the world of content and my copywriting.

Copywriting is a form of marketing that relies on gaining the customers interest through providing valuable and informative content. This content must be aimed at a specific target audience, needs to provide this audience with new information, be searchable as well as sustainable and most importantly, in the bustling world of content today, be shareable.

Through analyzing your audience and understanding what it is that they are looking for or what they could need without them even knowing is the first step in content creation. The words used in copywriting ultimately persuades in such a subtle way that the consumer does not feel that they have to purchase this product/ service but that they want to.

Creating copy in a world full of content requires knowledge. Not merely knowledge about the product/service being written about but also knowledge about who this is being written for. Along with understanding the who and whom you will need to incorporate search engine optimized content that is needed for your product/service to be found in an online search.

Yes, writing copy in a world full of content can seem daunting but that’s looking at the glass half empty. Ultimately in such a content rich world it is easier to gain valuable insight into what your audience responds to and what drives your audience to take action.

Drive your audience to action with the right words

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The social media platform that I enjoy the most is most definitely Instagram. I tend to spend a lot of time on social media, whether is be consciously or just out of habit, so for me it is important to enjoy the images and words that pop up on my feed. Therefor I make a conscience effort to follow accounts that interest me instead of merely following for the sake of following (same goes for likes etc.)

Just for interest sake the accounts I follow include (but not limited to) Black and White Photography, Travel, Elopement Weddings, Book Blogs, Publishing Houses, Tattoo Artist & Food.

In a world filled with words the best way to keep in contact is to stay connected.

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