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Tanitia Writes is my passion for language transformed into copy

Hi, I’m Tanitia. I used to work in the hospitality industry and managed to explore the US while working towards my Bachelor’s degree. As for now I spend most of my time reading, drinking coffee and adventuring.

Writing has resonated with me since I can remember. I, of course, considered other careers but never really accepted that there was a different career out there for me.

As rewarding as writing can be when you finally finish a clients project or a personal piece it does not always provide contentment.
In the writing process there are a lot of times when I ask myself “am I ever going to get this done?” and being stuck on a single sentence can feel like nothing will ever be okay again. Being a writer I know that procrastination is a part of the process, if not the main objective even. When I have written ten pages; but that one sentence in the middle of the third paragraph on the sixth page just does not sound melodic enough then I cannot accept that the work is done. Because it is not, and no matter the amount of procrastination that occurs I will get that sentence to sound just right.

Anyone who says that a writer just puts words on a piece of paper is obviously not a writer. Those words are emotions displayed through letters, those words are statements made through the art of syntax.
I constantly find myself re-reading old pieces that I have written and immediately want to edit it. Editing is so important in the writing process- but not when you are reading something that you wrote a year ago, or even a month ago. In writing there is always so much to learn, you can never know all that there is to know. It took me quite a few years to accept that I cannot be the absolute best today, because there is always something more waiting for me tomorrow. Accepting that editing an old piece of work was just taking up my own time and validating my growth for myself was crucial in becoming the writer that I am today.

Despite the time spent agonizing over a single word in a two thousand word essay, writing is such a rewarding career. It allows you to appreciate your own growth through constantly showing you how much you have improved.

That’s a little bit more about my love for writing,
Write to you again soon!

Reading Copy

Writing copy requires a certain skill set that involves writing with the intention of selling. In order for a piece of copy to fulfill its purpose it needs to be written in such a way that it will be read with a persuasive tone.

The persuasiveness in a text is important in copywriting because it is written to inform the target audience of a product/service without pressuring them into buying it. Copywriting forms a part of content marketing. Although copywriting is used to inform the public, it is different from traditional advertising in the sense that it engages with the audience rather than force them.

How does a simple piece of writing become something that persuades and interests?

In order for copywriting to be effective you need to be able to read what has been written from the buyers point of view. Being able to approach a piece of writing from the buyers perspective is important in understanding what information should be given and how it should be delivered.
To accurately interpret how a piece of text will affect your consumer you need to first understand your target audience*.

Once you have gained insight into who you are writing for you will be able to read a text with the main objective being that you need to read the text in a way that they would.
Reading a piece of text aloud can easily pinpoint the monotonous use of language as well as if what is being said is filled with too much information and not enough value.

Of course the aim of the text is to inform the reader; but not to the extent in which they are just being given a bunch of facts with no reward at the end.
Copywriting therefor requires information being given in a subtle way so that it does not deprive the piece of writing of its value. The value of content is what separates content marketing from traditional advertising.
The content that is being created holds value, even when two weeks have gone past. It needs to give to the consumer- whether it gives information or entertainment is up to you, but it just needs to give.

Happy Reading (from your clients point of view)

* Your target audience consists of your ideal consumer. This means understanding their wants and needs when it comes to your niche, how they obtain most of their information (internet, newspaper, billboards etc), what influences their decisions (knowing your competition is important) as well as understanding which method of communication they prefer.*

Let Words be my Work

When the right words are all you need

Copywriting in a world full of content

Writing copy in a world full of content can seem daunting at times. Especially in a year such as this one where everything seems uncertain and not a single person is quite sure of what the future holds.

This year has been filled with small victories, minor setbacks, confusion and of course a lot of down time. This down time turned into a call for creativity in my otherwise busy life. Apart from baking a banana bread every third day and reading a book or two I had time to focus on the world of content and my copywriting.

Copywriting is a form of marketing that relies on gaining the customers interest through providing valuable and informative content. This content must be aimed at a specific target audience, needs to provide this audience with new information, be searchable as well as sustainable and most importantly, in the bustling world of content today, be shareable.

Through analyzing your audience and understanding what it is that they are looking for or what they could need without them even knowing is the first step in content creation. The words used in copywriting ultimately persuades in such a subtle way that the consumer does not feel that they have to purchase this product/ service but that they want to.

Creating copy in a world full of content requires knowledge. Not merely knowledge about the product/service being written about but also knowledge about who this is being written for. Along with understanding the who and whom you will need to incorporate search engine optimized content that is needed for your product/service to be found in an online search.

Yes, writing copy in a world full of content can seem daunting but that’s looking at the glass half empty. Ultimately in such a content rich world it is easier to gain valuable insight into what your audience responds to and what drives your audience to take action.

Drive your audience to action with the right words

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Getting to know who you’re working with

In any industry a business does market research about their potential clientele.

They need to know what it is that their clients want, what it is that they need and despite those two crucial factors they also need to know what attracts them.

Being able to understand what is is that they are looking for is ultimately what will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Similarly, as a copywriter, I also focus on what my client wants to achieve.

In a business as personal and specific as copywriting it is important for me to understand my client. I need to know their passions, what their business stands for and what their short-term as well as long-term goals are.

I then help them communicate this vision with the world through writing the words that are used on their social platforms.

Tanitia Writes becomes the megaphone through which the company is heard. Due to my words carrying so much weight in the image of the company it is important for my clients to know me as well as I know them.

I look forward to getting to know you


Turning Words Into Actions

Writing that is used to attract the reader’s attention is Important. Writing that is used to entice the reader into taking action is invaluable.

This world consists mainly of words and being able to wield them properly is important. What you are reading, what the radio is saying is all information that is being given to you.

Imagine if the words that your consumers read were able to convince them of your unparalleled value.

Let me write your words into action