Tanitia Writes has experience writing for luxury hotel brands, marketing agencies, purpose-driven podcasts; as well as fashion & educational entrepreneurs.

Copywriting is an important tool in marketing and aims to generate customers’ interest through providing valuable and informative content. This content must be aimed at a specific target audience, needs to provide this audience with new information, be searchable as well as sustainable, and most importantly, in the bustling world of content today, be shareable.


Copy needs to connect with the audience on a personal level to ensure lasting brand awareness & loyalty.

Social Media
Product/service Launches
PR & Media


All online content require SEO integration.

  • Website
  • Homepage
  • Landing Pages
  • Articles
  • Social Profiles
  • Social Content


Writing copy with the intent of having the consumer perform a certain action.

  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Online/Printed Ads

Content consists of the material you provide your audience with. Whether it’s overlay text, videos or images; it all forms a part of your content.

In a world where images, quotes and links are all shared within one click you don’t just want content.

You want desirable content.

Ready to conquer the world with copy that connects?