Tanitia van der Walt

Tanitia Writes is my passion for language transformed into copy

Hi, I’m Tanitia. I used to work in the hospitality industry and managed to explore the US while working towards my Bachelor’s degree. As for now I spend most of my time reading, drinking coffee and adventuring.

Writing has resonated with me since I can remember. I, of course, considered other careers but never really accepted that there was a different career out there for me.

As rewarding as writing can be when you finally finish a clients project or a personal piece it does not always provide contentment.
In the writing process there are a lot of times when I ask myself “am I ever going to get this done?” and being stuck on a single sentence can feel like nothing will ever be okay again. Being a writer I know that procrastination is a part of the process, if not the main objective even. When I have written ten pages; but that one sentence in the middle of the third paragraph on the sixth page just does not sound melodic enough then I cannot accept that the work is done. Because it is not, and no matter the amount of procrastination that occurs I will get that sentence to sound just right.

Anyone who says that a writer just puts words on a piece of paper is obviously not a writer. Those words are emotions displayed through letters, those words are statements made through the art of syntax.
I constantly find myself re-reading old pieces that I have written and immediately want to edit it. Editing is so important in the writing process- but not when you are reading something that you wrote a year ago, or even a month ago. In writing there is always so much to learn, you can never know all that there is to know. It took me quite a few years to accept that I cannot be the absolute best today, because there is always something more waiting for me tomorrow. Accepting that editing an old piece of work was just taking up my own time and validating my growth for myself was crucial in becoming the writer that I am today.

Despite the time spent agonizing over a single word in a two thousand word essay, writing is such a rewarding career. It allows you to appreciate your own growth through constantly showing you how much you have improved.

That’s a little bit more about my love for writing,
Write to you again soon!

Hi, Tanitia Here

In my earlier years Sundays were made for drinking coffee while enjoying a book and watching a movie or two.

But that all changed when it was time to grow up.

While working in the food and beverage industry Sunday mornings became my busiest day of the week! Due to brunch buffets, having to serve bottomless mimosas to the big families that get together, as well as having to do a deep clean after all that, Sundays have turned into my least relaxing day.

It did not take too long for me to adjust to the new Sunday bustle, and now that I am used to it, I prefer it that way. Now that the whole country is in lockdown and I’m not hustling and bustling through a restaurant anymore I still regard Sunday as my “busy” day.

I regard Sunday as my planning day.

I use it to plan out what the rest of my week will look like. For a planner, like me, it sets me at ease for the rest of the week as well as gets me motivated to use the upcoming week to my advantage.

Yes, I could do my planning on Monday but then the week has already started and I’m two steps behind. The trick is to get all of my scheduling and planning done before 12 so that I can enjoy my mini victory with some good food and relaxation.

Yes, I said “mini victory” because I am a big believer in celebrating successes as well as acknowledging that they are merely a small step towards a bigger goal.

As a freelancing copywriter I set up my own schedule.

As convenient as that is it also takes a lot of time-management and commitment to be able to write valuable copy with a deadline.

That’s a little bit about my take on Sunday,

write to you again soon!

Hi, it’s Tanitia again

Snake River Canyon, Wyoming

If you follow my Instagram account then this picture is the one that has been posted for the last week or so.

In my previous post I mentioned that traveling is a big part of my life, and that can’t be emphasized enough.

In an effort for me to introduce myself I thought it would be best to reveal my favorite place on earth (granted I have only explored the USA). Out of all of the 24 states that I have explored and visited Wyoming will always be my home.

While working in America I lived in Florida, Maine, Arkansas, Wyoming and Arizona for 6 months at a time. As soon as I arrived in Wyoming I was mesmerized. Literally, even from my window seat in the airplane gazing at the Teton Mountains for the first time it was almost as if I could feel my heart settle in. Little did I know that experiencing the state of Wyoming would be the adventure that I have been craving.

For as much as I loved the people that I encountered in my months spent there it was the constant beauty of everyday life that called to me. Living in Wyoming I was in a state of awe; from early morning until I was gazing at the starry night sky.

It’s not the mere surroundings or the people but rather the possibility of adventure everyday that makes Wyoming so captivating and the most rewarding state that I have lived in. It was in between these mountains and surrounded by the river that I was able to explore my love for writing on a deeper level. I managed to write poetry like never before and was able to start a manuscript (or two). I fell in love with writing again because of this place, and it was because it gave me a chance to find myself again.

That’s a little more about me for now,

write to you again soon!

Hi, I am Tanitia

Sometimes the getting to know someone is the most important part; especially if you will be working with them. Before anyone ever considers working with someone they require an interview; whether it be telephonic or in person or even over a video call. It’s important to know the person who you will have to work with and speak to on a daily basis.

And I understand that.

I just returned from a winter season in Arizona (a season that was cut short due to Covid-19 unfortunately). I work in the hospitality industry in the USA and believe me when I say that I understand the importance of knowing your co-workers. Every person is unique and therefor every person experiences the exact same situation in a different way.

As a copywriter I need to get to know my clients. I want to know their hopes and dreams (as idealized as that sounds) because in some way I am helping them achieve these dreams. I am a silent partner in their goals, my work an investment in everything that they could possibly achieve.

Yes, I simply work with words. But words are my hopes and dreams, I live for them. I live to write them and most importantly I live to perfect them.

Apart from writing, I love reading. I am currently reading the witching hour which I am attempting now for probably the 3rd time. I love hiking and nature and while I was in Arizona I managed to go to the Grand Canyon twice and the second time that I was there it still had some snow in the crevices which was quite a sight to see. The little town of Sedona definitely called to me quite a few times with the orange rock and “good-vibes” energy protruding from it. Luckily I was able to go for a hike in the superstition mountains where the Saguaro cacti stand tall and proud. Traveling is a big part of my life and I am so fortunate to have seen as much of America as I have.

That’s a little about me for now,

write to you again soon!