Reading Copy

Writing copy requires a certain skill set that involves writing with the intention of selling. In order for a piece of copy to fulfill its purpose it needs to be written in such a way that it will be read with a persuasive tone.

The persuasiveness in a text is important in copywriting because it is written to inform the target audience of a product/service without pressuring them into buying it. Copywriting forms a part of content marketing. Although copywriting is used to inform the public, it is different from traditional advertising in the sense that it engages with the audience rather than force them.

How does a simple piece of writing become something that persuades and interests?

In order for copywriting to be effective you need to be able to read what has been written from the buyers point of view. Being able to approach a piece of writing from the buyers perspective is important in understanding what information should be given and how it should be delivered.
To accurately interpret how a piece of text will affect your consumer you need to first understand your target audience*.

Once you have gained insight into who you are writing for you will be able to read a text with the main objective being that you need to read the text in a way that they would.
Reading a piece of text aloud can easily pinpoint the monotonous use of language as well as if what is being said is filled with too much information and not enough value.

Of course the aim of the text is to inform the reader; but not to the extent in which they are just being given a bunch of facts with no reward at the end.
Copywriting therefor requires information being given in a subtle way so that it does not deprive the piece of writing of its value. The value of content is what separates content marketing from traditional advertising.
The content that is being created holds value, even when two weeks have gone past. It needs to give to the consumer- whether it gives information or entertainment is up to you, but it just needs to give.

Happy Reading (from your clients point of view)

* Your target audience consists of your ideal consumer. This means understanding their wants and needs when it comes to your niche, how they obtain most of their information (internet, newspaper, billboards etc), what influences their decisions (knowing your competition is important) as well as understanding which method of communication they prefer.*

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  1. This is interesting, as while I’m aware of providing payoffs for the audience in fiction, I’ve never thought to apply it in copywriting as well. Thanks for this, Tanitia!

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