Hi, Tanitia Here

In my earlier years Sundays were made for drinking coffee while enjoying a book and watching a movie or two.

But that all changed when it was time to grow up.

While working in the food and beverage industry Sunday mornings became my busiest day of the week! Due to brunch buffets, having to serve bottomless mimosas to the big families that get together, as well as having to do a deep clean after all that, Sundays have turned into my least relaxing day.

It did not take too long for me to adjust to the new Sunday bustle, and now that I am used to it, I prefer it that way. Now that the whole country is in lockdown and I’m not hustling and bustling through a restaurant anymore I still regard Sunday as my “busy” day.

I regard Sunday as my planning day.

I use it to plan out what the rest of my week will look like. For a planner, like me, it sets me at ease for the rest of the week as well as gets me motivated to use the upcoming week to my advantage.

Yes, I could do my planning on Monday but then the week has already started and I’m two steps behind. The trick is to get all of my scheduling and planning done before 12 so that I can enjoy my mini victory with some good food and relaxation.

Yes, I said “mini victory” because I am a big believer in celebrating successes as well as acknowledging that they are merely a small step towards a bigger goal.

As a freelancing copywriter I set up my own schedule.

As convenient as that is it also takes a lot of time-management and commitment to be able to write valuable copy with a deadline.

That’s a little bit about my take on Sunday,

write to you again soon!

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