Hi, it’s Tanitia again

Snake River Canyon, Wyoming

If you follow my Instagram account then this picture is the one that has been posted for the last week or so.

In my previous post I mentioned that traveling is a big part of my life, and that can’t be emphasized enough.

In an effort for me to introduce myself I thought it would be best to reveal my favorite place on earth (granted I have only explored the USA). Out of all of the 24 states that I have explored and visited Wyoming will always be my home.

While working in America I lived in Florida, Maine, Arkansas, Wyoming and Arizona for 6 months at a time. As soon as I arrived in Wyoming I was mesmerized. Literally, even from my window seat in the airplane gazing at the Teton Mountains for the first time it was almost as if I could feel my heart settle in. Little did I know that experiencing the state of Wyoming would be the adventure that I have been craving.

For as much as I loved the people that I encountered in my months spent there it was the constant beauty of everyday life that called to me. Living in Wyoming I was in a state of awe; from early morning until I was gazing at the starry night sky.

It’s not the mere surroundings or the people but rather the possibility of adventure everyday that makes Wyoming so captivating and the most rewarding state that I have lived in. It was in between these mountains and surrounded by the river that I was able to explore my love for writing on a deeper level. I managed to write poetry like never before and was able to start a manuscript (or two). I fell in love with writing again because of this place, and it was because it gave me a chance to find myself again.

That’s a little more about me for now,

write to you again soon!

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