Hi, I am Tanitia

Sometimes the getting to know someone is the most important part; especially if you will be working with them. Before anyone ever considers working with someone they require an interview; whether it be telephonic or in person or even over a video call. It’s important to know the person who you will have to work with and speak to on a daily basis.

And I understand that.

I just returned from a winter season in Arizona (a season that was cut short due to Covid-19 unfortunately). I work in the hospitality industry in the USA and believe me when I say that I understand the importance of knowing your co-workers. Every person is unique and therefor every person experiences the exact same situation in a different way.

As a copywriter I need to get to know my clients. I want to know their hopes and dreams (as idealized as that sounds) because in some way I am helping them achieve these dreams. I am a silent partner in their goals, my work an investment in everything that they could possibly achieve.

Yes, I simply work with words. But words are my hopes and dreams, I live for them. I live to write them and most importantly I live to perfect them.

Apart from writing, I love reading. I am currently reading the witching hour which I am attempting now for probably the 3rd time. I love hiking and nature and while I was in Arizona I managed to go to the Grand Canyon twice and the second time that I was there it still had some snow in the crevices which was quite a sight to see. The little town of Sedona definitely called to me quite a few times with the orange rock and “good-vibes” energy protruding from it. Luckily I was able to go for a hike in the superstition mountains where the Saguaro cacti stand tall and proud. Traveling is a big part of my life and I am so fortunate to have seen as much of America as I have.

That’s a little about me for now,

write to you again soon!

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Creative Copywriter & Social Media Manager | Converting your ideas into copy that connects

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